Kwik Biz Solutions has grown over the years from helping people with their bookkeeping

(Kwik-A-Books) to provide multiple solutions to save business owners and their staff time and money.

As a small business ourselves we know the stress and pressures of having to complete and lodge tax, super and GST/ATO forms on time. As a home-based business Kwik Biz Solutions helps small and medium size businesses in the following ways:

How many years has the business been in business?

Kwik Biz Solutions in its current form has been in operation for 10 years. It was known as Kwik-A-Books from about 1996 when doing mostly Bookkeeping but it has grown to reflex that it now can provide many more solutions than just one.

In total as a Bookkeeping services then and under its current name, it has been operating for 22 years. Kerri Giles (formally known as Kerri Somerville then) started this business while operating a tax preparation for 15 years during that time (1985-2000).

How many years have you owned the business?

The number of years is 22 as Bookkeeping and training business and 15 years (some of same period) as a tax preparer. Kerri Giles formally known as Kerri Somerville has been only owner of the business which only changed its name not its structure.